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Zheng He Culture Park

Zheng He Culture Park is the graveyard of Zheng He, a famous navigator in the Ming Dynasty. Zheng He, whose original name was Ma He and nickname Sanbao, was born in a Muslim family of Yunnan Province. In the 14th year of Hongwu Period, the 12-year-old Ma Sanbao was captured and taken to Nanjing by Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang’s army from Yunnan. Following Zhu Di, he took part in Jingnan Campaign(the Ming Dynasty Civil War for Throne). Because of his outstanding military contribution, he was promoted as the eunuch of Inner Palace and conferred the surname of Zheng. From the 3rd year of Yongle Period to the 8th year of Xuande Period, Zheng He voyaged for 7 times, experiencing all kinds of hardships, promoting cultural communication, establishing diplomatic relations and strengthening the friendship with all the nations he arrived in. After his death, he was conferred to be buried here.

According to Annals of Shangyuan and Jiangning County edited during the period of Tongzhi, the eunuch Zheng He’s Tomb was located on Niushou Mountain, who voyaged to the Western Sea during the Yongle Period. He completed his voyage in the early years of Xuande Period, died in Guli of India and was conferred to be buried at the foot of the mountain. The local residents called it Ma Hui Hui Tomb.   The original tomb is rectangular, 150m long, 60m wide and 8m high. After the renovation in 1985, the tomb followed the burial custom of Hui minority, and it was in the shape of horseshoe. The tomb stone is decorated with Nanjing cloud-pattern brocade, lotus and Arabic characters. The back wall of the tomb is inlaid with the stone stele, engraved with characters meaning “tomb of Zheng He”.

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