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Leisure Tour

Recommended Tourist Attraction

Niushou Square—Usnisa Temple—Usnisa Pagoda—Usnisa Palace—Chanlin Road—Yinlong Lake

Wonderful Trip

【Niushou Square】(Visit Seven Stars Leading the Way、Wind Bells Tower);Visit along Tianque Road that contains spring, summer, autumn, and winter theme section until arriving at【Usnisa Temple】(located in the southeast slope of east peak of Niushou Mountain,the preaching site of Usnisa guarding monk troop);arrive at【Buddhist Holy Land of Usnisa】,visit from outside;enter【Usnisa Palace】(As core building in Buddhist Holy Land of Usnisa, Usnisa Palace is composed of external space and internal space. The external space is composed of the small dome and the large dome indicating internal and external supporting. The internal space consists of Chan State Scenery on the ground and underground palace. The underground palace contains Great Usnisa Hall and Usnisa Worshipping Palace); wonder on 【Chanlin Road】;visit【Yinlong Lake】(experience ecological and leisure scenery)

Sightseeing Time

5—6 hours on foot,  3.5—4.5 hours by vehicle

Accommodation Recommendation

Catering in Niushou Mountain

East Entrance: Fortune Blessed Cooking Restaurant, Starbucks, Smit, Drink Bar, Häagen-Dazs

Usnisa Palace: Liang Wu Vegetarian Food, Meet Fresh, Waffle Bant

Shi’ao Wonderland: native family food

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