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Parking Lot Information

There are parking lots in east entrance with 1600 underground parking spaces, west entrance with 2000 parking spaces and northern entrance with 400 parking spaces. Video Intelligent Management system is adopted in  parking lot under the east entrance. Tourists can get into the tourist attraction without the need of admission card or waiting. Then, they can find parking space with parking guidance system. After the tour, parking fee can be paid on the automatic payment machine or through Wechat. With automatic checking terminal, tourists can locate their cars and find the route to leave soon.

Time-based Fare Standard for Vehicles

Time-based Fare Standard

Day (RMB/Half Hour)

8:00 AM.-8:00 PM.

Night (RMB/ Hour)

8:00 PM.-8:00 AM.

small vehicle2
large vehicle31.5


1、Large vehicle refers to coach with over 10 seats(including 10),  freight car over 4.5 tons( including 4.5 tons); 

other kinds of vehicles can be considered as small vehicles.

2、There will be  50% extra charge for vehicles longer than 12 meters(including 12 meters).

3、The charge begins when the car enters the parking lot for over 15 minutes, but the starting 15 minutes is 


Tour Guide Service Information

The tour guide service is available in the following three ways:

The first is scanning the official Wechat and APP QR Code for automatic introduction.

The second is to apply for the guide at the tourist center in east entrance.

Charge Standard for Guide:

Guide Service Area

Buddhist Holy Land of 

Usnisa Area



95¥middle line introduction1-30 people170¥

middle line 


From east entrance to 

Usnisa Palace



160¥whole course introduction1-30 people250¥

whole course


The third is to hire self-service navigator for sightseeing.

The introduction area of self-service navigator in Usnisa Palace covers an area of  10,000 square meters, with 40 minutes for introduction. Charging standard is 10 ¥/ set.

Sightseeing Bus Information

With ticket charge of 20¥,  tourist has access to electric and air-conditioned bus. With one ticket, tourists can get on and off the bus at any station repeatedly on the day of issue.


East Line: Starting from East Entrance, Niushou Station→Buddhist Holy Land of Usnisa→Fodingsi Station→Tianque Station→Yinlonghu Station→Niushou Station

West Line: Starting from west entrance,  Sanbao Station→Tianque Station→Fodingsi Station→Niushou Station→Yinlonghu Station→Viewing Deck Staion→Baoxianghu Station→Sanbao Station


1、With one ticket of 20¥, tourists can get on the sightseeing bus going through 9 stations. The ticket is valid on the date of issue.

2、During the business hour, the bus will depart every 10 minutes or on the condition of full occupancy. The departure time for the last bus is 17:00.

3、The driver is responsible for ticket and tourist checking as well as safety warning. The driver should carry the  tickets in case that tourists want to buy ticket at any station.

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