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Usnisa Temple

Usnisa Temple is the preaching site of Usnisa guarding monk troop, covering an area of 23731.1 m2 and building area of 8104.6 m2. The whole temple is divided into area for worshipping Buddha, for preaching, for vegetarian dinner, for tea and for monks' living.


Usnisa Temple is divided into northern and southern districts. Featured by courtyard style, the southern district includes area for tea, for monks’ living and for vegetarian dinner. The northern district consists of area for preaching , and area for worshipping. Moreover, it is characterized by palace style. The whole building complex is based on layout of Seven Halls for Sanghagara, meaning monastery. Seven Halls refer to seven kinds of architectures for separate functions. Area for preaching consists of Hall of Sakyamuni and Meditation Hall, which can seat 200-300 people for meditation.

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