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Niutou Chan Culture Park

Niutou Chan Culture Park is built based on site of Hongjue Temple. The current Hongjue Temple, originally called Foku Temple, was built in 503 AD under the reign of Emperor Wudi of the Liang dynasty. It is the origin of Niutou Sect. In the Anti-Japanese War period, Hongjue Temple was destroyed by Japanese.

The highlight of Niutou Chan Culture Park is Pagoda of Hongjue Temple. As the oldest existing brick pagoda imitating wood structure in Nanjing, it is 45 meters high with seven stories and eight faces. Some valuable national heritage was unearthed in the underground palace of the pagoda in 1956, such as gold-decorated Lama pagoda (one of the collection highlights of Nanjing Museum, with the total height of 0.35 m, and Sumeru base height of 0.16 m ), alabaster jar, golden sleeping Buddha and celadon pots. All of them are collected in Nanjing Museum now. Carved on the base of gold-decorated Lama pagoda are “Supported by Hongjue Temple, Niushoushan, Jinling” and “Used only by Eunuch Li Fushan, a Buddhist follower, for supporting”. More than 70 inscriptions made in the Ming and Qing Dynasties are found on the wall of  Pagoda of Hongjue Temple. In 1957, the Pagoda was listed as cultural relics protection unit of Jiangsu province.

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