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Fortifications for Battle against Jin Wuzhu

In April of the 4th year of Jianyan Period in Southern Song Dynasty, Jin Wuzhu led an army and approached Jiankang(present Nanjing). Yue Fei ambushed his troops around Niushou Mountain and built a base, thus Jin Wu Wuzhu was defeated. The Fortifications for Battle against Jin Wuzhu is the fence built with russet stones when Yuefei’s troops battled with Jin Wuzhu’s. The fence was 0.5 meters wide at the bottom of the wall and 1.5 meters long, winding and well arranged through high and low walls.

According to History of Song: Yue Fei , “Jin Wuzhu led his army approaching Jiankang; then Yue Fei ambushed his troops around Niushou Mountain and waited for his troops; Yue ordered about 100 soldiers with black clothes to sneak into Jin’s troops and attacked. Jin’s troops were in great panic and attacked themselves”. This was the famous battle: Niushou Mountain Campagin. A section of 200-meter site built with stones still remained, which is rare because it has been 860 years since Yuefei’s battle against Jin Wuzhu happened.

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